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How to Answer “How Much Salary Do You Expect?” for Freshers

How to Answer “How Much Salary Do You Expect?” for Freshers
How to Answer “How Much Salary Do You Expect?” for Freshers


One of the most challenging questions a fresher may encounter during job interviews is, "How much salary do you expect?" Navigating this query requires finesse, as it involves balancing realistic expectations with the desire for fair compensation. In this blog, we'll explore effective strategies for answering this pivotal question and securing a salary that aligns with your worth.

1. Research Industry Standards:

Before the interview, research industry standards and typical salary ranges for entry-level positions in your field. This knowledge will serve as a foundation for your response.

2. Consider Your Qualifications:

Evaluate your educational background, relevant skills, and any internships or projects you've completed. Your qualifications should play a significant role in determining your salary expectations.

3. Factor in Location and Cost of Living:

Recognize that salaries vary based on geographical locations and the cost of living. Adjust your expectations accordingly, considering the location of the job.

4. Be Realistic:

While it's essential to value your skills and education, be realistic about your experience level as a fresher. Aim for a salary that reflects industry norms for entry-level positions.

5. Express Openness to Negotiation:

Indicate that you are open to negotiation and emphasize your eagerness to align with the company's compensation structure. This flexibility demonstrates a cooperative attitude.

6. Focus on Total Compensation:

Consider the entire compensation package, including benefits, bonuses, and career development opportunities. This approach allows you to showcase a holistic perspective on your value.

7. Avoid Specific Figures Too Early:

Instead of providing an exact number, express your interest in a fair and competitive salary. Delaying the discussion of specific figures until later stages of the interview process allows you to gather more information.

8. Turn the Question Around:

Politely inquire about the salary range the company typically offers for similar positions. This turnabout not only provides valuable information but also gives you a better understanding of the company's expectations.

9. Highlight Your Unique Value:

During salary discussions, reiterate the value you bring to the company. Emphasize how your skills and enthusiasm contribute to the organization's success, reinforcing the idea that you are a worthwhile investment.

10. Practice Your Response:

Before the interview, practice your response to the salary question. This helps build confidence and ensures you convey your expectations clearly and professionally.


Answering the salary expectation question as a fresher requires a delicate balance between understanding your worth and being mindful of industry standards. By conducting thorough research, considering your qualifications, and expressing flexibility, you can navigate this question with confidence and increase the likelihood of securing a fair and competitive salary.

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