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Lenskart Hiring for Brand Strategist


Job Details

Job Location:



Job Role:




Brand Strategist



Job Type:

Full Time




The Role:

Visualize and execute brand campaigns from start to finish with a 360 degree view of channels and performance

Manage timelines, deliverables and coordinate with teams to ensure smooth and timely delivery of all assets

Create briefing decks and align all teams to the same brand goals

Understand and anticipate the needs of the consumer and create campaigns that solve for those

Work on and execute content strategy as well as actual content for the campaigns

Skills needed:

The ability to think of the customer's journey and deliver effective campaigns that answer to those.

An understanding of design, imagery in addition to content and the synergies between them all. Good articulation and writing skills.

Excellent organizational skills and time management. The ability to be able to work with multiple stakeholders and deliver on time.

Proficient in putting together presentations and strategy decks.

Team player capable of working across verticals with leadership skills.

Minimum qualifications:

Prior experience in brand strategy or brand experience

A degree in marketing or brand strategy would be preferred

About Global Brand Experience Function

Global brand experience function in Lenskart is inspired from the HQ functions in global brands like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Starbucks.

Most loved global brands constantly raise the bar on their consumer experience goal posts and keep building talent diversity and density to achieve those goals.

This is how the Brand Experience function in Lenskart also works.

Currently, there are 7 sub-functions within Brand Experience -

1. Brand Management

2. Brand and Communication Design

3. Eyewear Design

4. Editorial

5. Fashion Studio

6. Catalog Studio

7. Consumer and User Insights

Global Brand Management

- Lenskart is a direct to consumer brand; the brand makes everything themselves - frames, lenses, sunglasses, contacts etc.

- It sells both online and offline and only through its own channels.

- Apart from India, the brand is present in SEAsia, Middle East, US.

- Unlike other consumer categories, eyewear is a bespoke category, where the lens is custom made for a consumer, irrespective of the price of the product.

Because of these 4 factors, unlike conventional models, the brand management roles are structured like brand experience roles in Lenskart, where the brand team is responsible for the consumer experience at every consumer touch point.

This function is responsible for -

1. Creating disruptive experience goals

2. Thinking of strategic initiatives which will help the brand achieve those goals

3. Creating and delivering those initiatives

4. Measuring the impact and course correcting

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