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Cogoport Hiring For Software Development Engineer- I / II / III (Front-end)


Job Details

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Fresher, Experienced

Software Development Engineer - I / II / III (Front-end)



Job Type:

Full Time



Problem Solving: You should have the rigour and discipline to approach most of the problems and ensure the delivery of quality work ahead of timelines. You are able to look at a problem, define and brainstorm ways to achieve an optimal solution and pick the best engineering approach to bring the software productivity.

Architectural Design: You should have in-depth knowledge to design highly scalable architecture. You have strong experience in building products ensuring scalability in tech architecture & design implementation. Having a strong understanding of system performance, scaling and cross-browser compatibility. Having knowledge of setting up BUILD workflows using tools like Webpack, babel.

Expertise in Javascript: You should be very well adept with tools like React, JQuery, Angular, Jest, Graphql. Keeping up with the new developments, recent releases and cutting-edge practices.

Design Sense: Achieving a good user experience as a result of savvy execution of both visual design and code. Building a scalable code base design system along with the consideration of nuances of UX laws.

Algorithm Skills: You should be adept in all algorithm aspects to define an efficient way of solving the problem. You will solve complex problems with algorithms embedded in logical thinking and creating the most efficient and optimum code.

Code Quality: Enhancing the code quality by structuring the code & making sure that all the guidelines are followed to ensure enhancing code efficiency & reduction of code failure & bug rectification. You should have worked with standard linting tools

Product Inclination: A Software Engineer not only gets involved in coding but should equally understand the product/feature to think & cover all the possible business edge cases coming on the way.

Core Values of Cogoport

Intrapreneurship: At Cogoport, you own and drive projects forward. You have the world at your feet, and complete flexibility and freedom to take up new initiatives that would benefit the customer.
Customer Centricity: Our customers are at the heart of all that we do. Without happy customers, our company is doomed. Understanding their perspective collectively is key to our success.
Cogoport is an equal opportunity employer. We are a welcoming place for everyone, and we do our best to make sure all people feel supported and respected at work.

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