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CleverTap Hiring For DevOps Engineer


Job Details

Job Location:



Job Role:




DevOps Engineer



Job Type:

Full Time



##About the Role:
As a Devops Engineer you will maintain, manage and improve day-to-day operations that keep our platform secure and available
#What will you do:
- Execute standard operating procedures designed to ensure platform security and availability
- Recommend and implement improvements towards standard operating procedures
- Execute planned stories where the implementation is straightforward
- Participate in platform architecture development discussions
- Work with members from rest of the engineering team and customer success
- Work with vendor support teams to solve issues

What are we looking for?
Must have:
- BS / MS degree in computer science from premier institutes with top grades or equivalent practical experience.
- 1 to 3 years of experience working into DevOps.
- Experience or working knowledge of provisioning and managing infrastructure as code with CloudFormation or Terraform in production
- Experience of being on call schedule to support production
- Experience or working knowledge of packaging and deploying application with docker using ECS or Kubernetes
- Experience or working knowledge of automating and supporting build and deployment pipelines using Jenkins, Bamboo or TeamCity
- Experience or working knowledge of managing a monitoring system to monitor service health
- Experience or working with HTTP web servers (Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Jetty etc)
- An understanding of least four of the following network concepts:
1)How DNS works
2)TCP handshake
3)Filtering with IPtables
4)TCP states
5)Capturing and analysing TCP traffic
6)Routing, switching, subnets, VPN, NAT
- Experience in one configuration management system (Puppet, Chef, Salt, or Ansible ).
- Experience or working knowledge of provisioning, maintaining and managing at least five of the following AWS resources:
1) VPC, VPCGateways, InternetGateway, Subnets, Routes, SubnetRouteTableAssociation, RouteTables, SecurityGroups, VPCPeering
2) AutoScaling Groups, LaunchConfigurations, ScalingPolicy and ScheduledAction
3) EC2::Instance, Volume,KeyPair, EIP
4) Batch::ComputeEnvironment, Batch::JobDefinition and Batch::JobQueue
5) CD using CodeDeploy
6) CI/CD using CodePipeline
7) IAM InstanceProfiles, IAM Policies, IAM Roles, IAM Users
8) S3 Bucket, BucketPolicy and objects
- Experience or working knowledge of managing packages and package configuration on a GNU + Linux distribution
1)installing packages
2)configuring services
3)managing service status
3)debugging service startup issues
4)debugging disk issues
5)navigating logs
- An understanding of at least one init system
- An understanding of HTTP headers
- Can communicate effectively and articulate issues with other team members and vendor support personnel
##Good to Have:
- Proficient in one coding language prefereblily Golang or Java
- AWS Devops Certification

Last date to Apply:

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