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AuthSafe is Hiring for Junior Android SDK Engineer


Job Details

Job Location:



Job Role:

Work From Home



Junior Android SDK Engineer



Job Type:

Full Time, Work from Home




Who Are We:

SecureLayer7 powers AuthSafe. AuthSafe aims to solve the most challenging fraudulent problems which industries face on a daily basis. The AuthSafe focuses on providing a delightful customer experience throughout the customer journey with low friction to good users and blocking fraudsters by ceasing their actions.

The AuthSafe, a fraud prevention platform, creates a unique device ID and browser fingerprint identity combined with real-time intelligence to provide the risk score and risk policies that will challenge the fraudsters. As a result, fraud attacks will come to an end.

Learn more about AuthSafe from podcast at Cybersecurity Venture:

About Job:

This is a fully remote job. The role entails working with the fraud/cybersecurity team and the product architect. The Android SDK development team creates the SDK that powers AuthSafe for client applications and assists clients in preventing fraud. AuthSafe identifies devices using data collected by the Android SDK, which is installed on the end user's mobile device.

The SDK inspects the device and generates a unique device ID containing all of the device's information. The collected data will then be sent to AuthSafe servers, where it will be used to perform additional rich analytics in real-time and generate risk scores.

Who are you & What You Will Do:

You are an enthusiastic Android engineer with experience who solves problems by developing world-class Android SDKs. You might have created Webview and Native Android SDK, which are then integrated into the customer's mobile apps.

Before beginning development, you may have designed the SDK's architecture so that one solution fits all customers. You might have presented to customers and internal stakeholders the knowledge-sharing sessions. You enjoy creating detailed integration documents that assist customers with simple integration.

Your KPI is to build solutions with as few integration steps as possible while consuming as little time as possible from the customer's stakeholders for integration or to use a simple, drag-and-drop SDK integration.

You should talk with fraud and cybersecurity teams to understand the attacks which contribute to online fraud.

You should play with Android permissions and build NDK supported SDK. The SDK will be communicated via APIs. This will enable additional functionality in the SDK, including:

Root detection
High Risk information, which contributes in finding fraudsters.
Device Behavioral changes.
Device location and other information.

Educational Qualification:

None, we love to work with skilled & passionate people.

Overview of Technical Skills:

1-2 years of Native Android development experience.
Experience with development tools such as Android Studio, Git, etc.
Experience with mobile SDK development.
Third-party SDKs integration experience.
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Good to have in CV & Pulse Point to Get Selected:

Curious and Passionate about the Android Technology
If you also have knowledge about building iOS SDK it would be a great plus point.
Proficiency in working with modern CI/CD tools
Passionate to earn and keep customer trust.
Desire to learn and to teach
Open-minded to explore new languages, skills, techniques, and platforms

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