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Asteria Aerospace Hiring For Senior Engineer II - DevSecOps


Job Details

Job Location:



Job Role:


Asteria Aerospace

Fresher, Experienced

Senior Engineer II - DevSecOps



Job Type:

Full Time




Job Description:

We are looking for an energetic infrastructure specialist, who can support a team to ensure infrastructure is always running at its desired state. You will develop key monitoring metrics in various cloud services including Kubernetes, managed services from Azure, and custom services.
Specific Responsibilities:
Ensure Security of the entire infrastructure, find any loopholes in the systems and fix it before it becomes a problem.
Ensure scale never becomes a problem for the workload
Be Hands-on
Develop new functions and maintain the automated provisioning system and configuration management system. Automating operations for the existing system platform.
Managing and optimizing infrastructure-related costs.
Be involved in a holistic approach to improve the organisation's information security, safeguard assets, and enforce the privacy of non-public information. Ensure software security (in design, coding, and testing phases). Implementing identity and access management and securely configuring cloud environments. Providing security recommendations on service design and application development, and coding.
Log, monitor, and respond to detected incidents in the cloud environment.
Perform threat simulations and penetration tests to identify and detect possible risks.
Conduct Static/Dynamic/Interactive security testing and Runtime application self-protection measures.
Qualifications: / in Computer Science/ Information Technology or relevant field

Experience: 8+ years of DevSecOps experience along with 3+ years managing a team

Desired Skills & Characteristics:
Knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Graphana, Azure Infrastructure
Experience with Service Mesh (Istio), Service discovery (Consul) is a must
Experience using KEDA, ARGO workflow-engines with Kubernetes
Familiarity with Microsoft Azure PaaS solutions
Experience in managed petabytes of data in Azure Blob Storage accounts
Working experience of Jira, Confluence, GitHub
Familiarity with various operating systems (Linux/Mac OS)
Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with keen attention to detail. Expertise in distilling complicated topics to a broader audience
Self-motivated attitude with the ability to multitask and thrive in a data critical product space
Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.

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