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Alectio Hiring For Frontend Engineer


Job Details

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Fresher, Experienced

Frontend Engineer



Job Type:

Full Time




About The Role

The Alectio platform is a one-stop shop for any data scientist to get their training dataset prepared; from there, they can access dashboards to visualize the quality of their data, the performance of their models, review the results of their labeling process, and control their jobs.

As a frontend engineer at Alectio, you will never get bored: you'll work on complex workflows, annotations tools of all kinds (including 3D, audio and video), custom dashboarding, data visualization, our labeling marketplace, and more. In fact, we're also finalizing the community version of our platform, designed for ML experts to compete against one another (think Kaggle, but in a more social way). It's almost like working on the combination of an eCommerce website, a SaaS data platform and a social media platform. You'll get on perfecting existing features, improve the speed and performance of the current platform, as well as new functionalities (we would love to have a mobile app soon!).

Job Responsibilities
Develop new UI features and optimize existing ones, keeping in mind that the end user is a highly technical user (ML scientist)
Strive to understand how to design for AI experts, and how to make a highly technical product exceptionally easy to use
Develop novel data visualization / dashboarding features to display cool data insights to our technical users
Strike a balance between functional and aesthetic design and work closely with founder on re-design of current platform
Optimize the SaaS platform for speed and scalability; this includes solving current responsiveness issues, as well as optimizing the frontend for speed (we're visualizing data in real-time!)
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field
2+ years of experience with HTML and CSS
1+ years of experience with one or more of the major frontend frameworks (Angular, React)
A strong desire to keep oneself informed about new data visualization libraries, web development frameworks, frontend instrumentation solutions (like Hotjar), etc.
Experience working for a technical B2B startup would be ideal
Exposure to the AI tooling industry (in particular, to the labeling industry) would be a major plus
Be excited about working in a startup environment

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