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Thrive Hiring For Customer Support Associate




Work From Home

Job Type:


Full Time

₹4.8L– ₹6L

Who can Apply:



1 Year

Job Description:

#The Role
About Thrive:

-At Thrive, we’re looking for a customer support professional to join us on our quest to help restaurants succeed online. Preferably, you’re someone who loves communicating with people, is patient & knowledgeable.
We’re looking for a person who is not afraid to wear many hats and enjoys a culture of freedom and responsibility. You will be given the trust and authority to try different things, explore ideas, fail, learn, adapt, and try again.
We’re a small team (think David) creating a food-delivery platform that’s going up against large aggregator platforms (think Goliath). If you’re someone who also wants to get their hands in different parts of the product, then this role is perfect for you!

#Requirements and Skills:
-Previous experience in a Customer Support Specialist or similar role will be valuable in understanding the dynamics of customer interactions and providing effective assistance.
-Familiarity with our industry is a plus, as it will enable you to better understand our products, anticipate customer needs, and provide relevant solutions.
-Technical Tools Proficiency: Experience in using Excel, help desk software and remote support tools will facilitate seamless customer interactions and efficient issue resolution.
-Communication and Problem-Solving Skills: Your exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, will help you effectively convey information and empathize with customers. Strong problem-solving abilities will assist you in resolving complex customer issues.
-The ability to handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously while maintaining accuracy and attention to detail is crucial in providing efficient and timely support.
-Demonstrating patience and resilience when dealing with challenging customer cases will ensure a positive customer experience and promote customer satisfaction.

About Company:

Thrive is an online ordering platform that allows restaurants to deliver directly to their customers. We're unbundling the aggregator value proposition and powering the ordering infrastructure for restaurants. From our launch in July 2020, we've scaled to over 4000 restaurants pan-India and helped them save over Rs. 3 crores in commission fees

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