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Nymble Hiring for Flutter Developer





Job Type:


Full Time


Who can Apply:



Job Description:

What can I expect from this role?

The candidate will be working on the Companion Mobile App which accompanies our main product - a Cooking Robot. You will be using Flutter to create multi-platform apps for iOS and Android using Google's Flutter development framework.

What will my work responsibilities look like if I join Nymble?

As a Flutter Developer, you will be involved in the following:

Develop mobile application to communicate with the Cooking Robot.
Build features for user to plan weekly meals, grocery management and view recipes
Design application to have the ability to consume external data sources and APIs via GraphQL and JSON.
Experience in software development practices using agile, continuous integration, and deployment. Experience in handling production issues.
Strong communication skills and ability to work in a collaborative environment with remote teams.
Implementation — Should be able to structure and write code like prose for others to read, design and adhere to common principles and patterns that make everyone better at their jobs. Should have the ability to contribute according to timelines and type of projects - from working POCs to stable production code and the ability to work with a large breadth of knowledge.
Documentation — Create advanced technical content including articles, samples, whitepapers, and training.

Position Requirements

You care about what you build. Every individual is expected to pay attention to detail, and learn after their first mistake.

Knowledge of the latest mobile app development concepts, trends software design patterns, usability, and HCI guidelines for mobile apps.

Strong Experience in Dart

Experience with Native Mobile development in Android/iOS/Flutter.

Experience writing JUnit Test cases.

Knowledge of Git and version control

About Company:

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