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Google Hiring For Software Engineer II, Front End, CorpEngV





Job Type:


Full Time


Who can Apply:



1 Year

Job Description:

●Write product or system development code.
●Participate in, or lead design reviews with peers and stakeholders to decide amongst available technologies.
●Review code developed by other developers and provide feedback to ensure best practices (e.g., style guidelines, checking code in, accuracy, testability, and efficiency).
●Contribute to existing documentation or educational content and adapt content based on product/program updates and user feedback.
●Triage product or system issues and debug/track/resolve by analyzing the sources of issues and the impact on hardware, network, or service operations and quality.

#Minimum qualifications:
●Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
●1 year of experience with software development in one or more programming languages (e.g., Python, C, C++, Java, Javascript).
●1 year of experience with data structures or algorithms.

#Preferred qualifications:
●Master's degree or PhD in Computer Science or related technical field.
●1 year of experience with front-end frameworks, full-stack development, and/or API development.
●Experience developing accessible technologies.

About Company:

Google isn't just a software company. The Hardware Operations team is responsible for monitoring the state-of-the-art physical infrastructure behind Google's powerful search technology. As an Operations Technician, you'll install, configure, test, troubleshoot and maintain hardware (like servers and its components) and server software (like Google's Linux cluster). You'll also take on the configuration of more complex components such as networks, routers, hubs, bridges, switches and networking protocols. You'll participate in or lead small project teams on larger installations and develop project contingency plans. A typical day involves manual movement and installation of racks, and while it can sometimes be physically demanding, you are excited to work with infrastructure that is at the cutting-edge of computer technology.

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