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Decentro Hiring For Backend Developer (Full-Stack)




Work From Home

Job Type:


Full Time, Work from Home


Who can Apply:



1 Years

Job Description:

#What is expected from you -

-Design and development of our new banking API modules from scratch.
-Hands on implementation of our financial APIs and integrations.
-Design and integration of new/existing databases.
-Ensuring the entire stack is designed and built for speed and scalability.
-Design and construction of our REST APIs for better than bank grade security with the best possible encryption and secutiry mechanisms.
-Design and implementation of continuous integration and deployment pipelines in tandem with the respective team members.
#What are we looking for -At least 1+ years of experience with writing Python / PHP / Node JS / Ruby on Rails. Being up on latest practices is a must, e.g., Python 3.
-1+ years of database design and management, including being up on the latest practices and associated versions.
-Familiarity with a relevant and globally supported framework of back-end—e.g., Laravel or Flask.
-Thorough understanding of user experience and product strategy
-Experience implementing code level unit tests.
-Proficiency with Git / Version control.
-Appreciation for clean and well documented code

About Company:

Decentro is a Y-Combinator backed banking & payments infrastructure company. Decentro provides building blocks that help companies stitch their fintech workflows in a few weeks.
While starting our first fintech venture back in 2014, we spent years convincing banks to partner with us. Before we could launch our fintech product (more here), we had to convince different departments within banks - including technology, business, leadership, legal, and support to get the green signal. Fast forward to today, we realise that banks & regulatory institutions find it difficult to help the longer tail of companies build innovative & compliant fintech solutions.

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