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Airbus Hiring for Graduate Aircraft Systems Simulation Engineer





Job Type:


Full Time

4.5 LPA

Who can Apply:



Job Description:

You will be on a development pathway to prepare you to be an Aircraft Systems Simulation Engineer within and across the Systems CoC, and can expect to be involved in the following;

Develop an understanding of the functionalities of varied systems in the Aircraft and the role Modeling & Simulation plays in the System Design, Architecture, Development & Integration process
Support the initiatives to adopt and harmonize the new Ways of Working being matured to enable Co-Simulation and seamless continuity between Mathematical models, Architecture models and detailed behavioral & performance models across the Aircraft Development lifecycle
Have an exposure to Specify, design, develop, integrate, validate and deliver the Software Frameworks from the Systems Engineering and Simulation context
Immersion in the complex world of Systems Verification & Validation beginning with the understanding and decomposition and validation of complex requirements, Design Verification, Product Verification and Validation
Enhance your understanding of the Industrial Systems Architecture and Flow simulation capabilities and develop a coherence with the abstract Models
Enrich your Data Analytics skills at a basic level to enable the choice of data-driven approaches wherever required in such a complex problem-solving environment

About Company:

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